Earth Candy Farm is a community driven farm business, offering fair, organic food and flowers 

Our Story


We were both drawn to the agrarian life from backgrounds in biology and environmental studies.  We feel that farming is the first step in healing the planet and also a humbling and inspiring way to spend our time.  Always surrounded by a myriad of projects, we are hardworking, idealistic 'keeners' who want to bring back the richness of rural life while also staying current with agriculture around the world, carving our own unique path.

Our Mission

To provide fair, organic food and flowers to the Salt Spring community.  To practice cutting edge organic practices to produce nutrient dense food and improve the land we manage.  To be leaders in our community, spearheading innovative methods of food distribution and consumption. To live a healthy life, connected to nature and the people around us, and share this lifestyle through our business and personal role modelling