Coffee Workshop Level 1 - The Basics

Coffee Workshop Level 1 - The Basics


Level 1 - The Art of Coffee

Are you interested in building a career in the coffee industry? Would you like to further your knowledge and skills as a Barista? Are you a curious coffee lover?

This Workshop is for you. You will learn the basics of making a delicious tasting espresso, steaming your milk to perfection, beginning your latte art journey as well as a V60 pour over, Aeropress filter coffee and Cold Brew.
Running shots, steaming milk, pour overs, aeropress, adjusting the grind, working with alternative milks, and perfecting your coffee tasting palate.

Your day will begin with a tour of Earth Candy Farm and the Opportunity to learn about what we are doing for the Salt Spring Community, including a Brief history on Claire and Manda's journey up until now. There will be snacks and rehydration drinks supplied throughout your time on the land, as we are hoping you maybe open to trying a lot of different coffees. Lunch will be catered by a local Food Truck and the food will be sourced locally through Earth Candy aswell as other farms. Our day will end with a closing circle and share the likes and improvements we could make to the workshop as this will be our first time offering, One on one trainings or further workshops are also future goals, which make your feed back essential.

So come spend a day nerdding out on that beautiful liquid gold we all cant seem to live without on a Farm created to support community.

Note: We recommend skipping your Morning Coffee.

Details: January 20th, 10am - 3pm, $75/person
Experience: Gorgeous vegan, organic lunch served by Ab from the Humsa Food Cart. All organic supplies for coffee drinks and locally roasted beans. One on one time with Manda on the machine as well as awesome group discussion time in the cob-house where we will

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